Hello world,

So let us find out what happened to the girl.

This girl was heartbroken. Have you ever been in love and settled or done things to your level best and expected  a good pay only for things to turn south on her as things rapidly fell  apart at the least expected time. Well that is what she was going through. She tried  addressing the matter and the man just ignored her. I don’t know what happens with people after they have found greener pastures, they became rude or something of the sort.

After two months, she got sick and had to book an appointment to see the doctor and the results that came after were discouraging. guess what? she got Sexually Transmitted Disease from the man when he started seeing other women. Give me an enormous reason why this girl didn’t have to think of suicide? well, this is what happened next, she took her broken pieces, she had an open mind and decided to carry on with life. That is what we call optimism.


The girl moved out and got a smaller house, she literally started from scratch, she got a job which sustained her, while she dated the boyfriend, she lost almost all the good friends she had because the man was her everything and she ignored everything else. This being her hardest time in a while, she didn’t know how to survive this is where suicidal thoughts arose from. she felt like she wasn’t good enough for anyone or anything. she felt worthless. she felt hurt and broken beyond repair.

One day, she met with her good old time friend at the supermarket as she was running some errands. The friend was called Britney and she was shocked to see how the friend looked, she was worn out, she looked like a ‘walking stick’ (for lack of a better word). she was slender than usual and that was not her normal stature. They started having a conversation with the friend and that’s when Britney realized what had happened to her. At this point at least she had a shoulder to lean on.

Britney being a good friend walked her home ensured that she had eaten, had a clean house and clean clothes and that she was settled. You know girl bonding moments.  referring to my previous post healing is  a process, this heartbroken girl got saved and started going to church and attending Bible studies and this helped her get through the pain she had slowly.

This is for you who is reading this, whenever things do not work out as you expect them to, do not think of suicide, there is always a better way out. Seek for friends who will help you.

Lessons to deduce from this story

  • Put God first in all you do because He will take care of you at your best or worst no matter how hard it is.
  • Walk away from demeaning situations unapologetic.
  • Live your live with a purpose.
  • Keep your friends close no matter the situation, they always come in handy.
  • No situation is too hard to handle, if it happened to you the you can handle it.
  • You’re a precious jewel, seek to stand out and be treated right

cheers people

love Keshy



Hello everyone. How are you all doing today?

Welcome July 2017. The year is almost over.

It’s story time. Yaaas!!!

In my teenage world, I have come across this story where a girl fell in love with a boy; they met in campus (college), they were deeply in love and as they say love is blind and sweet at the same time. One year on, this girl became too attached to the boyfriend such that they started living like husband and wife ALREADY!!… She moved in.


The relationship was doing well at the time but as time passed on they were blinded by the little things they should have been observing and it all started on 12th April when it was their first anniversary and the boy forgot about it, the girl got really mad at how the boyfriend couldn’t remember their anniversary. The girl decided to care a little more and still be sweet girl to the man. The day passed just like any other day nothing special happened. After sometime, she realized that the spark that was in their relationship was reducing day after day. The most frustrating thing is she didn’t know why she felt that way. You know the thing about women’s and their instincts. haha yeah.

The girlfriend didn’t get a gift for he anniversary and when she asked the boyfriend why he didn’t care to try he simply answered that he is not working. Wait a minute… say what now!?? My dear girls, it is not a must you get a million dollar gift, it is the thought that counts right? Anyway,  she chose to let the issue slide even though she felt terrible about that boyfriend’s response.

The boyfriend was an introvert ,therefore, he kept most things to himself, he used to share his problems with his friends and this included how the girlfriend was too clingy and how she was everywhere and around him every time. You know that character pushes the other person away. It is an unattractive feeling. Men want to also know they have worked hard to be with their lady, don’t be an easy one my friend otherwise you will get used to each other so much and it is considered unhealthy for the relationship.

The girl stuck to her lane of taking care of the man which entailed cooking for the man and enjoying life at the same time. What she didn’t realize was that the boyfriend was missing something. He was acting strange.She wasn’t loving him wholly.  Two years on into their relationship the man started seeing other women, engaging in drugs and alcohol and the money that would have been invested in a great project was wasted away just like that.

After sometime, the girlfriend started feeling insecure and she decided to investigate what the boyfriend was up to only to go through his phone and find flirty messages . This girl was broken. My dear reader, where did this girl go wrong? Let’s take a little flashback, the problem started when this girl got too comfortable in the way she was. She believed that she was the best thing that ever happened to this man but what she missed out was you have to keep your man the right way that is. she relaxed. In other words she settled!! The danger of settling is you start failing and stop doing things to become the best person that you were meant to be. Hence, reducing the spark in the relationship.

Remember before she realized why the boyfriend was behaving strangely, she had still been with him physically, emotionally and spiritually, been intimate with him supported him through it all, taken care of him like the sweet little charmer she was. What a waste of time! she thought to herself because things got thicker everytime as time passed on.

Love is truly blind because the girlfriend still stuck to the boyfriend, she believed that someday things would be right between them. She still had faith that their relationship would work. She tried her best to retain the man  and we can confidently say that her ‘A’ game was on.


You might wonder what happened to them afterwards yeah?

Wait for part two.


Love Keshy



Hello world, lets get into today’s topic right away.

Expectation -It is a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future.

Is it possible to live each day without worrying about tomorrow or expecting anything from people?

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Matthew 6:34.


Expecting from people imprisons one without their knowledge, for example if you do things and wait for people to give you some credits, you might be the saddest person in this life. People do not get what they expect and that is what life is about. Everyone is busy trying to make themselves happy that they forget about your happiness.

My dear reader, get out of that box, explore your talents, do what you love most and let it be your everyday joy. Thrive for better days. I have had to test myself a couple of times, for example, I wanted to improve something in some field work I was engaged in so step one towards achieving it is; I set a goal that I wanted to achieve at the end of it. Step two  I kept praying about it each day and  setting goals is important because I have achieved what I hoped for and the aftermath is I am a happy girl, who is satisfied with what I got out of it.

Never forget to reward yourself, dress up, take yourself out, buy yourself something nice for the little achievements and remember to keep God very close in your life.

Expectations kill our dreams and ambitions day by day, therefore, live you life without expecting anything from anyone. We are all human and everyone wants the best for their life. Be your best version of you. Do good things for yourself you deserve it my friend.

So for those of you who are sitting and waiting for things to happen let this be your wake up  call. Life will never give you what you do not deserve. Waiting to be bought for a car(MANY MORE), wake up and work for it darling. Your own success is the real happiness we all deserve.

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Love Keshy




Hello world.

Healing is the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again. It might be caused by lost love in relationships or friendships, divorce or death of  a loved one among the many reasons.


Its story time, (based on a true story), you can grab a cup of coffee or whichever snack and lets talk. When I lost my loved one I was just 10 years old, I hadn’t figured out life yet. This is the time when you expect lots of love from your parents as you grow up as this is the period of discovering oneself. Losing my mother at that time made me shut down from the world, have you ever felt like the world is doomed and against you or like you’re the most unlucky person on this earth? well, at times death brings this different emotions.

My aim for this post is to let the world know that no matter what we go through, always remember that God loves you everyday all day. At that time when faced with loss, you may never understand what this phrase means but after years gone by, everything will make sense. You will realize that you’re much stronger than before.

The greatest healing therapy is love. This is one thing that I firmly believe in. Love conquers all. If you know someone going through a tough dark time, shower them with love it means a lot.

Healing is a process because 11 years later, at times I still tear up whenever I remember the good times I had with my mother and the sad truth is that she is gone forever. To heal you need to accept whatever it is you’re going through. Learn to confide in someone, take sometime off (me time), it’s  very important to talk to yourself. The worst mistake you don’t want to make is to expect the world to understand you and be there for you. sorry darling! the world is cruel you will meet people who do not know what pain is therefore, how you cope with your loss matters a lot. If it gets worse, therapy can work.

Everyone has a story. What’s your story? be positive always


Love Keshy


Hello guys😊

I know I haven’t posted something in a while I was caught up with exams. Glad to be back😇

Turning 22 made me realize a few things that I will share with you. It came with mixed emotions but above all I am glad that I won’t have exams colliding with my birth date anymore. Since when I was a little girl till my final campus year I have had to deal with exams during my birth day😥. But everything has an ending right guys?



Turning 22 feels great. Whenever I think about it I tear up (I don’t know why). Maybe it’s a phase of growing. At 22 I have decided to do things that are best for my life , my career and heart. I mean who doesn’t want a happy future?

We should all learn to celebrate other people lives when they are alive… Don’t wait for that time when someone dies that is when you’re writing them a lovely message on social media.. If you can’t do it to them when they are alive then when they die, they don’t see it. Love and live while you can.


Off that, I spent my day at Asmara Restaurant which was located in Nairobi Karen. The prices are quite fair. I have always wanted to try Injera (Ethiopian food). The platter is quite large you can share it with two or three people and you get full at the end of it. It has different types of meat, rice and eggs. its really delicious. Consider trying it.


Here are a few photos of how my day went down with my friends.

After all the eating, bonding and taking photos it was cupcakes time. You guys I can’t explain how yummy those cupcakes were. My sister’s best friend Laura made them in case you’re interested you can halla at me I hook you up.


Things learnt over the years include:

1.Count your blessings one by one and thank God for the gift of life.☺

2.Prayer should be Our daily sword🙏

3.Don’t stress about anything. You’re too blessed to be stressed👸

4.Treat others how you would love them to treat you and always be there when your people need you.

5.Love above all❤. Love wins. It conquers everything💙💚💛💜

6.Forgive those that wrong you and always look forward to better days.

7. Work smart and reward yourself for the small achievements gained.

8. Learn from other peoples mistakes.

9. Let go and let God.

10. Save as much as possible. Life gets real as you grow older. You realize that responsibilities increase as you age.

11. Follow your heart.. Do what your passionate about.

12.Be open minded. Try different things and see the one that works out best for you and move on with it.

Life is too short I just realized how deep that phrase means. You can be with someone today then tomorrow they are not there… the last thing is enjoy life while you can.. Make every moment count and always be grateful for everything in life😆

That’s it for today’s read. Hope you relate and borrow some tips from it .

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Love Keshy✌







“A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.”
Elbert Hubbard

“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.”
Linda Grayson

Above are interesting quotes about friendship

Everybody has that special treasured friend who they share with anything and everything. its such a good feeling knowing that you can confide in someone both in the good and bad times. The people who will never judge you no matter the situation, the people who would take a bullet for you ha ha! (not sure about that). They are always there for you. Do you understand such kind of friendships. Yes that is where am headed now.


I have been wondering this for a while now, do best friends or best buddies still exist? what do you think?

Well according to a recent observation made around my world, I don’t think best friends still exist. I recently saw someone posting 10 best-friends on their social media and it just hit me maybe there is nothing like best friends anymore. Some years ago maybe decades when  one had a best friend they were real.  There was no sharing of best friends. Back then it was safer because comparing it to nowadays, people have so many ‘besties’ that they confide in with their secrets and that person you think is your best friend will turn out to be someone’s else’s best friend and the cycle goes on and on.

That is the sad news, but on the other hand, I got great news for y’all . I came across a blog by thought catalog about sharing information and it explained how friends will always judge you for your situation and how people will want you to fit in their advice but where people go wrong is they are working so hard trying to prove their point right while on the other hand, they misunderstand the person seeking advice from them. Honestly, that made a lot of sense and do you all know that one person who can never judge you no matter what you do? do you know that one person who appreciates you for everything you are? just look around you and fill the answer below.

Who is that person ?

I am very sure so many people have started going through their friends list searching for that loyal friend who is always there. Search no more…

Relax the answer is God. He is always there to answer your prayers, He is always there to listen to your cry and He will never judge you not even one time.


Don’t get me wrong, we all need someone who is physical to talk to in our daily lives,  choose your friends wisely and NEVER tell everybody your deepest secrets . You would rather keep them safe in your heart. Choose that one person you know is the one for you.

Therefore, make Jesus your best friend. He is the realest.


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Till next time bye!



“Never be afraid of trying new things and if its worth it, then give it your all.”

In this 21st century world, bullying is coming up at a very fast rate and that is very alarming. To start with, someone might wonder what is bullying or what does it entail. well for now take  a cup of coffee or a glass of juice and lets learn together.

According to the Urban dictionary, bullying  is repeated verbal, physical, social or psychological aggressive behavior by a person or group directed towards a less powerful person or group that is intended to cause harm, distress or fear.


“School is supposed to be a safe haven for children. They should never fear walking the halls or playing on the playground because someone is hell-bent on making their lives miserable. Even still, when kids go home, they should be able to leave the drama of the school day behind. Unfortunately this is not the case. With the rise in Internet use, more and more kids are logging into their social media accounts just to find someone from their school has posted humiliating things about them.” this is a very sad example that I came across in my research of bullying.

Maybe someone is reading  this article and is wondering have I ever bullied someone or been bullied at some point in my life. Well, lets find out.

What causes bullying:

  • Segregation of cool kids as compared to others- this makes others feel special more than others kids and they end up feeling like they have higher authority over other people.
  • Parents to some extent contribute to bullying whereby, some parents may not correct their children to grow up morally right hence this kids will end up being ‘hard headed’ and ruling over others
  • Social media has a major impact on people.The media culture has been influenced by our media such as social media or the programs we watch which entertain bullying and people end up adopting such bad behavior from their role model actors and actresses.
  • In our schools what can cause bullying is authority over others. For example the recent case we saw n our Kenyan news about the Alliance boys student who was bullied it was between the prefect or captain in-charge and the student who had no title in the school. That makes it easier for people to misuse their power over the others.


Bullying results to:

  • Low self esteem on the affected.
  • Suicidal thoughts and actions.
  • Trauma and stress
  • Death
  • Psychological dysfunction
  • Decreased academic performance
  • Health complaints
  • Depression ...

How to curb this act could be through:

  • Educating the masses about the dangers of bullying.
  • In case of bullying immediate action should be taken that is punishment or whatever law to be enacted on such people.
  • There should be equality law that all people are the same with the same power whether they have titles or not.

Guys bullying goes a long way and let us work together to see this ‘monster’ completely gone amongst ourselves. There are different types of bullying such as physical, verbal and emotional bullying. Physical bullying is where there is use of physical force. verbal bullying incorporates the use of words to carry out an act of bullying and the emotional bullying entails attacking the victim using emotions to get to them. this can happen between friends and relationships too.

Hope you have learnt something new from this.

Kindly share, comment and feel free to add on or critique this article.


with love,